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Thread: Quick and dirty drift key

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    Quick and dirty drift key

    OK I Probably have dozens of drift keys packed away somewhere. but todsay the only one I could find was a size '0' I was right in the middle of something and found that my 1/2" automatic chuck wouldn't do what I needed on my lathe SO I went out to my storage area to look at my Cleereman jig drill as luck would have it there was a 3/4" Jacobs witha #4 Morse but try as I might I couldn't locate any of my larger drift keys since we are packing a lot of our stuff to be moved hopefully soon I didn't want to start un packing box after box of tools just to locate a stupid drift key .
    A piece of scrap the torch and a little grinding in a couple of minutes I had one that would do the job
    Quick and dirty drift key-dscf7188c.jpg
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