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Thread: quick made in the field spanner

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    quick made in the field spanner

    Yesterday an old customer called to ask a couple of how to questions on the reseal of the final drive on a John Deere 490 track hoe
    I went to his equipment yard and assisted his mechanic and showed him how to disassemble then to get the main retainer ring out a dowel pin had to be drilled out. This is the only way to remove them by the way.
    I took the stub of the pin home with me to make a new one as DRO did not have one in stock. It is just a simple drive in pin about 14mm in diameter so I found a suitable piece of stock then machined a new pin MY WAY with the center drilled and taped to 5/16" 18 TPI this way the pin could be removed if the drive unit ever had to be re sealed again. Any way this morning he called me again for some more tips on re installing the seals. grabbed a couple of heavy 8" "C" clamps then drove back to his place. During assembly I told him we needed a spanner to tighten the retainer.
    So I found a piece of scrap a couple of bolts and a nut then made this
    quick made in the field spanner-dscf7057c.jpg quick made in the field spanner-dscf7058c.jpg quick made in the field spanner-dscf7059c.jpg quick made in the field spanner-dscf7060c.jpg
    OF course not being at my shop I didn't have certain things Like a welding helmet so the welding was done by feel with my head turned away with my eyes closed. So the welds are crap but you do what you have to do.

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