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Thread: Ratchet Strap Winder, 2"

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    Ratchet Strap Winder, 2"

    Filtering the recently posted winding tools; I needed a working model for test on 2" straps. It's 3 separate parts, for easy modifications.
    Ratchet Strap Winder, 2"-strap_winder-1-.jpg
    Ratchet Strap Winder, 2"-strap_winder-2-.jpg

    Sized for 1/2" drill power [7/16" hex].
    Large radius on the flange face allows strap to wind without snagging.
    Boss gives decent support to center pin 3/4" , and pair of 10-32 set screws 90 apart.
    Both pins taper so they won't bind on removal. Center is 1 3/4 long, other spaced 1 1/4" away and 1 7/8" long.
    The idea is, winding is done on a platter to keep the coil flattened out. So far, that's just been the concrete floor.
    All in all, the hand cranked type seem better; compact, not dependent for separate power, accept different sizes.
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