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Thread: RC forklift - video

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    Quote Originally Posted by mklotz View Post
    I'm not so sure that it's really radio controlled. As you suggest, the movements are just too precise. Since Linde makes forklifts, I suspect this is a permanent display in their home office. It probably runs all through the working day. No human RC operator could keep up that level of precision for eight hours.

    In the Miniatur Wunderland implementation there are sub-surface "wires" that establish pathways that the vehicles can be assigned to follow using their onboard tracking electronics. Perhaps the forklift uses a similar scheme. I do know that the vehicles, when they detect that their batteries are low, will move to a recharging station and plug themselves into it. This suggests to me that the sub-surface wires, beyond acting as a pathway, may be being used for communication between the vehicle and the computers that control the display. Such communication, if I'm right, would provide a lot of flexibility, allowing, for instance, the computers to redirect the vehicle from one pathway to another.
    I didn't think of the possibility of sub-surface wires with tracking electronics. I bet you're right about that. That would explain the precision driving and repeatability. Thanks for bringing that up.

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    6:06 video:

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    My toys are larger, but for awhile this would be a diversion.

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