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Thread: Reloading press ?

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    Cool Reloading press ?

    The year was 1988 and i was a poor $$$ machinist working two jobs days and afternoons in two different shops trying to pay for a new baby (or a DR's New Corvette) So anyway i wanted a reloading press like i was reading about in gun mags between passes on the two lathes i ran 16 hrs a day. I didn't even own a centerfire gun or any gun for that matter but i wanted to build a press. So i asked my boss if he would cut me a chunk of steel on our new cnc burner and he did. Then between the two shops i found time to make all of the parts and drill and tap the holes. It worked great. Bought some dies and started reloading some range brass i found for my buddies. I read all of the books i could find on the subject just never did much. So my business took off and i added 3 more presses and now i am in hot water with the Mrs. Not much time home from the two jobs and spending too much time in the basement. The marriage guy said lay off the relaoding for a while until she cools down. Well here it is 25 years later and the presses still sit unused and my baby is married and gone so its time for some build pics if anyone is interested and isn't taboo here since there is no listing for them. PS my wife is still watching TV ...Bob

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    Hi Bob,

    Sounds neat.

    I've used a Dillon 550B in the past for a variety of pistol and rifle calibers, as well as handloading (really handloading (completely manually)) for the Garand. Never heard of someone building their own press, though. Very cool.

    Let's see those presses!!


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