How to replace a watch battery yourself using common household "tools". Covers both snap back and screw back type watches.

1) Clean the watch back off. (Don't use water or liquids)
2) Remove the back (clean it off and around the inside of the watch case without damaging the mechanism)
3) Remove the battery (note which side of the battery is up). Clean the battery holder.
4) Clean and insert the new battery with the + side the same as the one removed
5) Place the back on the watch (make sure you get the notch on the back lined up with the setting stem)
6) Check the back to see that it's seated

If it's a really good watch, I will take it to a jeweler for a checkup after every few self changes of the battery.

Also, you can buy the tool to remove the screw type watch backs, (check Amazon or try googling "watch case removal tool"), but that's not using "household tools".

Re-edit of my 2013 video