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Thread: Road shoulder grader - video

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    Why remove the grass verge? Seems a pointless exercise to me, or am I missing something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bony View Post
    Why remove the grass verge? Seems a pointless exercise to me, or am I missing something?
    A couple of reasons 1 would be if they were getting ready to gravel the shoulder
    The other to make sure the shoulder of the road is smooth. More people that you realize cannot seem to remain on the road while driving at speed. Anything can be hidden in the grass lost off of other vehicles intentionally tossed or ruts made by vehicles running off the road if someone else comes along and hits any of this they could loose control.
    the best reason though is vegetation does not stay green all year once it dies it becomes a fire hazard a single hot carbon particle from an exhaust can and has started many a raging fires. Just this morning a motorgrader passed by my house doing this very same thing
    Road shoulder grader - video-20180829_192420.jpgddd.jpg
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    The extreme heat developed by the Catalytic Converter on vehicles can ignite vegetation and has many times.

    The grading of the shoulders like this is usually done by a motor grader, or as some call it "a "maintainer." the shoulders have to be re-graded and re-graveled for safety as the gravel washes away with rain and snow and also soaks into the dirt bed. Many times the grader will simply level off the top and then another light layer of gravel is applied. This also brings some of the sunken gravel back to the top.

    This truck would probably be used where the shoulders were being prepared to be paved with asphalt . The removal of the material is necessary to make sure that the shoulders are at the same level as the road pavement after paving.

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    Here was me just thinking that they were making extra money on the side by selling turf rolls!

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