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Thread: Roubo's Winding Sticks - 18th Century Design

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    Roubo's Winding Sticks - 18th Century Design

    André Jacob Roubo was an 18th century French carpenter, cabinet maker,and author. Woodworkers probably know him for the workbench that bears his name. Found within the same treatise as the workbench were a set of winding sticks. They work in the same way as the winding sticks that many of us would be familiar with except the Roubo winding sticks sit on a pair of feet. This allows the Roubo sticks to sit easily on rough surfaces. Additionally, pair the Roubo winding sticks with a set of rabbets and it makes for a quick and efficient method for removing twist from a board. Once the rabbets are in the same plane they serve as a guide. Traverse the board with a fore plane for rapid stock removal. Stop once the surface is level with the rabbets. This allows for quick work without having to stop and check progress along the way.

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