This week reveals S/V Downeast Thunder design concept number two! This week Iím presenting a lines drawing for a 22í LOD, long keel, heavy displacement, hard chine hull. The idea was to stay with the same theme as the 26í hull I drew last week, but make the vessel smaller, requiring less lead for the ballast keel. I soon discovered the cost of lead would STILL be in excess of what I can afford.

Once again, ďCOMPROMISEĒ is the key word of the day, and so itís back to the drawing board. This time Iím considering a sailing dory, not too unlike the St. Pierre Dory, and not too astray of Jay Benfordís sailing dory designs. This type of hull will feature plywood construction, and a concrete/scrap steel ballast keel. So next week, I hope to have a preliminary lines drawing completed for my version of a cruising, sailing dory.

The final construction drawings (once Iím happy with the initial lines drawings) will be made available at a later date.

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Here's the video: