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    REASON=a couple of decades back our home was burgled (unheard of in our area) twice.
    First time it was Pros and Forensic Police came the 300K+ round trip to do their stuff, finger print etc, as the MO of the thieves was widening and they really needed to be apprehended. This steel box would not have stopped them, I'm sure.

    Second time was soon after shed was completed and was an inside job (staff member) as there was no sign of breaking & entering so the thief knew where the staff key was. The removal of goods was not noticed until the need for use of the new Metabo saw & the 2 grand of router bits missing was also discovered. I purchased a second hand steel battery storage cabinet for the hand tools but really needed something to house the more expensive router bits as I replaced & added to the collection.

    Having removed the box for repainting due to surface rust lifting primer & finish coat, it seemed a good time to share with HMT friends/family.

    SAFE FOR VALUABLE BITS OF KIT-rsz_dsc_1943.jpg The "SAFE" was made primarily from 3/16" plate I was using for repairing sand blasted mower decks.

    SAFE FOR VALUABLE BITS OF KIT-rsz_dsc_1948.jpg SAFE FOR VALUABLE BITS OF KIT-rsz_dsc_1946.jpg Two solid locks from a demolition were used after a locksmith made keys to fit. I used 2 locks after working as a Head Cashier for a grocery store: they had one key & the security company had the other.

    I used MS angle for the striking plate & for door stability & strength this angle was continued all the way around the inside of the box.

    SAFE FOR VALUABLE BITS OF KIT-rsz_dsc_1940.jpg

    The simplist hinge I came up with was a hardened bar I bought from an engineering shop. Holes were drilled into some solid scrap bar I had to complete the hinge and welded to hinder any cutting attempts. I originally intended to dyna bolt to the concrete floor (too late to inset in the shed floor) so the 8mm holes were never employed as I decided to camoflage it in a bench and clutter the front with cartons of screws etc.

    SAFE FOR VALUABLE BITS OF KIT-rsz_dsc_1947.jpg SAFE FOR VALUABLE BITS OF KIT-rsz_dsc_1942.jpg

    I can now store my precious bits & bobs. Mind you if I had 10 g lying around I probably wouldn't store it there although we have not had a burglery in over 20 years now & no one except HMT know of my little safe box.Shoosh!

    I tend to keep them in boxes, 1 for 1/4" shanks, 1 for panel bits, 1 for various and some loose. Bearings etc are stored with spanners in steel cupboard mentioned earlier.

    All are stored in mostly original cases to keep out humidity/surface rust despite my building a special wooden cabinet for easy finding of the requisite bit(s) for the job at hand.

    Hope someone will find this useful to prevent loss, and 20 odd long years of spare cash to replace hard earned tools. Its hard to find spare cash while bringing up a few children.

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    Thanks ranald! We've added your Safe to our Storage and Organization category,
    as well as to your builder page: ranald's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Damn. If you’re getting router bits stolen people in your area are either hungry or starving woodworkers desperate to continue their craft. I hope your security improves.

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