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Thread: Salami slicing machine - GIF

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    Salami slicing machine - GIF

    Salami slicing machine.

    To be fair, like all such videos on the internet, we're only watching this machine work perfectly. This is like the machinery version of Facebook - people only post carefully-staged evidence of the great times. Once the machine gets dirty, goes through a few thousand cycles, encounters a non-uniform piece of salami, etc., it's likely more prone to failure. Unless that failure is catastrophic or hilarious, we don't see it on the net.

    Still fascinating here to see inertia being used so cleverly to manipulate these stacks of salami.

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    Slicing? I don't see any actual slicing, just a bunch of piles of slices being moved around

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    All I want to know is where you can buy sliced meat like that in a package that big!

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    I used to buy my cold cuts at a meat market they had a Hobart meat slicer and would slice it to the thickness I desired and in the quantity. Usually I would buy 2 lbs of Ham 1 of Salami 2 of roast beef 1 of smoked Canadian bacon then 4 or 5 different cheeses to make my next week's worth of lunches from at least 1 slice of each item per sandwich and if I was working a 24 hour shutdown at least 5 sandwiches

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