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Thread: sand grinder

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    Can't help with the sand, as already mentioned it probably isn't ideal from a health standpoint. In any event post some of those homemade tools you have hanging around. It is always interesting to see how somebody solved a problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by chucks View Post
    Hello , I'm Chuck My wife an I Own A Five Bay Automotive Repair Shop In Georgia. We Work on Anything So As You Know Every Type Of Vehicle Has It's on Special tools. There Many tools that we had made around here I'm not sure what to post for y'all to see . I will dig around an find something to post. What I'm looking for is a way to grind sand down to make it smaller for a sand blaster , I thought i could go to our local hardware store and buy some pool filter sand that will work in a Blaster ( I was wrong ) There is too many big pieces that stops it up . I can filter it out by using a screen to take out the bigger pieces and then take a hammer then hit the smaller pieces it's just taking to long. So I was hoping that someone on here had came up with a way to grind sand down Thanks for any help

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    The pool sand i have used does not have lumps. You Yanks can keep your lumpy pool sand.
    Seriously, as others have posted, check with a local supplier of blasting media.

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    There are many grades of sand for use in a sandblaster, the manufacture of your machine will have a list of grades that will be suitable for use. Your blockages may be a result of moisture forming in you holding tank. What is the name and model of your blasting machine.Some of the machines i've seen have an agitator that stirs the sand as it funnels down into the feeder tube to prevent blockages.
    Post some pictures of your set up

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