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Thread: Sandia blast tube - video and photo

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    Just what I'd love to have in my backyard, a "Blasttube"

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    I'm guessing they cleared out all of the prairie dogs for miles around with a blast like that.
    In your back yard? your neighbors would love you for sure. Mine are nearly a mile away and I doubt if I'd be very popular after igniting something like that.
    But elevating it to about an 80 then loading a VW beetle in it might make for an interesting afternoon the pumpkin clunkers wouldn't have anything on me.
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    I have a hobby pulse jet from hobbyking that Ive never started. It makes me want to do it more than ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralphxyz View Post
    Just what I'd love to have in my backyard, a "Blasttube"
    I imagine if that were in my backyard, I'd aim it at my neighbor's barky dogs & have it bark-actuated. One problem solved, several others created.

    Ha! That's the most ingenious use of a tumblweed I've seen. A late friend of mine was security chief there at Sandia for a couple decades, said it was an awesome place to work with all that goes on there.

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    Reminded me of when I used to set off oxy/acty balloons 35 years ago. I would take a cutting torch and get a neutral flame then snuff the flame and blow the balloon up with the torch nozzle while the balloon was in a supermarket shopping bag. Then put the bag out in the yard and light the bag on fire and run like hell. By the time I was able to get about 75 feet away it would go off. Sounded like a stick of dynamite. Neighbor lady down the road lived in a mobile home and was on the throne, jerked her pants up and ran outside, thought her place blew up. Neighbor 3/4 mile up the road called down wanting to make sure everyone was ok since she heard an explosion. I learned how lucky I had been all the times I had done that after finding out about how static electricity could have put put me down. I made a spud gun out of a C02 fire extinguisher with a 4' length of 2" exhaust pipe for a barrel and charged it with propane and oxygen and set it off with piezo grill lighter, Would shoot a good solid potatoe 900 feet. Haven't brought it to N.Y. yet as I don't know what the laws here are regarding that that type of cannon. This was all back in Illinois.

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