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Thread: Scientific journal scam - photo

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    Scientific journal scam - photo

    Scientific journal scam.

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    The journals charge authors to publish then charge readers to read them. Scientific journals are an enormous scam, and the big publishers like Elsevier a fully wedded to this business model. Worse consolidation of publishers has only increased the costs.

    On the "Respectable" end they're hugely expensive and on the not so repectable end there are hundreds if not thousands of junk "journals" that'll publish any old crap. My day job is IT for a research 1 university and daily I get asked to contribute papers on a vast array of subject not even remotely related to my job or even the research being done by our College.

    And the junk journals have allowed some seriously bad actors to get ahead in the academic world....

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    A lot of serious work is published here, online only.

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