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Thread: Scrap Box V block

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    Scrap Box V block

    I needed to cross drill a number of small shafts for a project I am working on and made this up with a bit of 25 square bright mild steel and a bit of 10 square black bar two M5 screws. Milled a slot and tapped an M5 hole for the clamp. Worked very well I will certainly use this again
    Scrap Box V block-scrap-v-block.jpg
    Scrap Box V block-v-block-use.jpg

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    Scrap Box V Block SA MAKER's done a very good interpretation of what is broadly known as an 'insert vise'; meaning that it secures a small part but depends on secondary clamping to remain in position.

    Nowadays, most usage is wire/ sinker EDM's, and occasional tool grinding. Great sine vise substitute; [ie] simple lathe bits, like snap ring groove cutters. Twist main vise for side clearance, tilt insert for tip width. Far easier to generate cutters on one edge of a blank, than ordinary way by hand.

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