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Thread: Self-adjusting crimping pliers - GIF

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    Yup the vise, floor and ceiling are all very photogenic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toolmaker51 View Post
    Up to now, I crimp the more common way, but only need terminals. Are ferrules the male connection to wiring blocks?
    With 100's of each in near [sort of] future, a tool dedicated to fast secure connections would be worthwhile investment.
    Does it open far enough to extract over a ring or fork terminal, or just works on ferrules?
    my iris type were bought from RS and work similar to the video
    my ratchet type are the same as and are designed for use on bootlace ferrules only, but could work on some types of lug terminals... in fact I know they work on the non insulated ones since I've smooshed them in that several times for quick work.
    My standard linesman pliers have an insulated terminal crimper "slot" on the inside of the handle side of the pivot - good to 10 mm2 lugs, and they work very well.
    above 6mm2 I then also have the option of a cheap hydraulic crimp set, but that set is limited to non-insulated terminals of all flavours up to 150mm2
    most of my work has been in the 0.5 - 16mm2 range, so the hand tools get more use than the hydraulic set. - for instance the EDM I made a while ago was done with crimp connections for all spark wires, and they were based on 2.5mm2 conductors crimped with the linesman pliers.

    I see the appeal of the iris style, but my RS branded set do not close tightly enough to be useful in any application.

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    This gets more interesting; well 'Hello' it is after-all I appreciate the 'tool endorsements' of nova_robotics and desbromilow, that up my game.
    My crimping uses the good blue handled stripper, I'd say perfect on gauges 20 to maybe 12. Still, Linesman crimpers with cavity and punch work best on big terminals like 12-10, they are thick! Having bought under less budget restrictions made sense then, paying off now with dependable US and top grade imports. Soon there will be work in machine panels and wiring blocks that ferrules prevail.

    What I think of as my Linesman pliers are really more pull and twist in tying rebar, one has bent grip to not slip out of hand. There is some of that coming up as well.

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