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Thread: Self centering scribe

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    Nice look Christophe. I use 0.7 mm & o.5 mm pencils in my workshop but for that I think the 0.5 would probably be too brittle. Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgsparber View Post
    Actually, it would be fun to watch the drama if someone tried to patent one of my ideas. More than likely they could pay the $$ and get a patent. But the first time they tried to defend it, the infringing party could show my "prior art" and their patent would be disallowed. So my "defensive publishing" poisons the well. And, by the way, call me Rick :-)
    It is typically referred to as "Public Disclosure", but I do admit that I am not at all familiar with how this is being handled in the present, Internetz age. In the old days, I'd mail registered letters to my IP attorney with a note written on the envelope not to open until notified as it contained IP and I was preserving my claim by virtue of the contents.

    In this case, it would be difficult to obtain a patent as it is a reinterpretation, or perhaps unique application of present art.

    I have had a similar tool for nearly 30 years used for finding the centerline of the elevated rib on a shotgun barrel to permit one to center punch the very center of the rib for adding sight beads.

    Nonetheless, yeah, I'll be making one of these, and I'm also seeing an opportunity for applying this to the concepts of the Fibonacci calipers I have. Thank you for the inspiration, "Let my inspiration flow" indeed!

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