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Thread: Shallow drawer end mill rack

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    Shallow drawer end mill rack

    I built this end mill rack to fit in a shallow top drawer of my new tool box/mill stand. I made this from aluminum flat bar and a piece of angle to stamp the sizes on.

    I might make an improvement by running a strip of magnetic tape at the base to keep the cutters from "walking" when opening/closing the drawer but it serves it purpose as it is for now.

    To make this or similar rack, drill a series of appropriately sized holes down a length of flat bar and then cut down the middle to form the 2 rails. You get 2 mirrored parts that way.
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    Do not drill exact size. Drill oversize because the diameter will shrink due to the material lost by the saw kerf. Otherwise the mills/drills will not seat correctly.

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    Nice idea if you don't have too many of them. Thanks for sharing. Luckily I got plenty end mills (more than 300, all Niagara) with my mill/drill when I bought it and I don't need to do that.
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    Thanks bobs409! We've added your End Mill Rack to our Racks category,
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