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Thread: shark tooth scoop shovel

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    Lightbulb shark tooth scoop shovel

    Doing some spring cleaning around the woodlot to get some things organized for the coming summer and not wanting to run over too many things in the road of the lawnmower I decided a scoop shovel was the tool needed. Well anyone that has used a scoop shovel to pick up debris other than grain has probably ran into the difficulty of getting the front edge of the scoop to slip under the debris. I had a cheap ole china made scoop laying around, so I decided to try an experiment by cutting the edge of the scoop into pointed teeth and beveling the edges of the teeth for a little less resistance going under the debris and in the process decided that by turning the scoop over it was a big help in raking up some of the larger pieces and leaving the fine stuff to sift through the gaps in the teeth. I cut the teeth at a 45 degree angle 1 1/2 inches deep. Maybe I am just dreaming but it seemed to help in gathering up the leftover scraps.shark tooth scoop shovel-shark-tooth-scoop-shovel-007.jpgshark tooth scoop shovel-shark-tooth-scoop-shovel-003.jpg
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