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Thread: ships wheel to a wooden bolt

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    ships wheel to a wooden bolt

    I have been asked to make a gate with a ships wheel that you would use to turn to move the bolt in and out to open it
    has anyone ever done this and how would i work out the ratio of cogs to the long wooden bolt
    any help greatly received

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    Without getting into the complexity of pitch diameters of gears, here's an approximation that will get you in the ball park.


    L = distance bolt must retract to allow gate to be opened
    N = desired number of revolutions of wheel needed to retract bolt

    Then the circumference of the gear attached to the wheel, C, must be approximately

    C = L / N

    and the diameter of the gear, D, must be

    D = C/pi

    Rack and pinion assemblies are commercially available but they are likely to be expensive. Think about making your own.

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