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Thread: Shop stool from repurposed office chair

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    Shop stool from repurposed office chair

    Well I had an office chair which cylinder did no longer hold its position.
    As my shop is becoming more crowdy, I needed a second stool.
    I ended up with this quick transformation, using a piece of 20mm threaded rod and 5 nuts.

    I kept from the chair the bottom wheeled "spider", the under seat mechanism, and the sleeve of the cylinder.
    For the bottom part, I turned on the lathe, out of hardwood, a kind of infill core, bored in the center, and carved at each end a socket to sink a nut. On the picture you can see the top nut, and there is another one at the bottom, epoxied in the wood.
    For the top part, I turned on the metal lathe two nuts, down to 20mm, which was the inside diameter of the cylinder sleeve.
    I inserted both of these round nuts in the sleeve and loctided them and punched the sleeve to lock them in place.
    Eventually, I get a sturdy new lift mechanism, and note that the principle can be used also to repair a chair.

    In my case, I needed a stool, so I cut a round piece of wood, bought a piece of dense foam, and sewed a top out of simili leather.
    All that is stappled on the wood, and the bottom mechanism is screwed to the wood

    I'm quite happy with that, and the lift mechanism has eventually more amplitude that the original cylinder.

    Hope it may inspire.
    Cheers !
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