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Thread: Simple log loader - video

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    Simple log loader - video

    Simple log loader. By Jeff Hogue. 11:45 video:


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    A tractor with a log loader would be much faster...

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    Parbuckling is the correct term for the process demonstrated in the video. Another, older name for the process is "cross hauling." It is an ancient technique of moving a log or other heavy round object up an inclined plane, and was used extensively (along with other techniques) to move the virgin timber logs during Michigan's "White Pine" era, essentially the last 1/3 of the 19th century. Then, the motive power was usually a strong team of draft horses, and the line was either a strong rope or chain. If the cable in the video was attached to the bight of a chain or strong rope which in turn was passed under the log, and the ends of which were attached to the deck of the mill, then the log would have two strands underneath it and would not cantilever during hauling. This would also necessitate, however, the shortening of the hauling ramps or the moving of the pulling point of the winch. IntheGroove's observation of a tractor being much faster is certainly very accurate, but if cross hauling (or parbuckling) is all that is available, it will work very well as it has for a very, very long time.

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