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Thread: Simple trick for mounting small diameter tires

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    Simple trick for mounting small diameter tires

    Almost everyone who has ever owned any device which has small pneumatic tires has at one time or another had one to go flat.
    I am sure that many of you would simply head off to your favorite tire repair center and pay to have these tenacious little buggers repaired.
    I on the other hand almost always fix my own flats. About the only exception to this rule of mine may be when I purchase new tires for my truck and even then not always.
    Today we are dealing with yard tractor lawn mower type tires.While many may be of the varity that are bolted together most tubless rims are 1 piece Therefore when the rim diameter is 6 inches breaking them down may not be all that hard but removing the tire or even just 1 side from the rim can be frustrating without a mini tire mounting machine. First off breaking the bead can be accomplished with a dull chisel and hammer or possibly a large flat tip screwdriver. I have an old claw hammer that has virtually no temper in the head If I tried to use it to pound in a nail the head of the nail would leave imprints in the face so for this reason I have no compunction in using it as the bead breaker tool by inserting the dull claws between the bead and the rim the striking the face of it with a hammer on suborn lawnmower tires.
    after the bead is broke loose from the rim it is time to remove the tire, since these tire are too small to use my regular tire irons on I again have a couple of old flat tipped screwdrivers to serve as my tire irons the blades on them are dull and rounded so they don't cut into the rubber
    To remove the bead you first have to figure out how to secure the assembly since they are small usually placing a foot on one side of the tire forcing it down while inserting both screwdrivers between the tire and rim a few inches apart opposite of you foot then gently prying them over until the bead begins to rise above the rim the work one screwdriver around a few inches more and prying again repeat this until the bead has been completely removed from the rim. Repeat the process for the second bead repair or replace the tire then when it is time to reinstall getting the tire back on the rim is harder than removing it as it is free to move around and you must first get the bead started over the rim and somehow keep it in place while you work your way around, the first Bead is usually pretty easy as you can slam the tire down at an angle forcing about half the bead on in 1 push then finish with the screwdrivers the second bead you do not have that advantage so you must some how repeat the process without the advantage of being able to slam it on
    Here's what I do I will hold part of the bead down below the edge of the rim while I snap a pair of locking pliers(vice-grips) or a very small C clamp to the rim This will serve as a holding point while I work the remainder of the bead around the rim with teh screwdrivers.
    Some of my tires have tubes so I only need to remove 1 bead to pull the tube out for patching for this I usually just leave the wheel on the lawnmower
    Simple trick for mounting small diameter tires-20170323_190433a.jpg Simple trick for mounting small diameter tires-20170323_190600a.jpg Simple trick for mounting small diameter tires-20170323_190634a.jpg
    It only takes me about 5 to 6 minutes to be back mowing But today I had decided that I was fed up with patching the tubes 1 of them has 8 patches on it, so I pulled the tubes then installed stems and poured a quart of black tar slime in the tire then just put the bead back on and aired it up

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