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Thread: Singer 29k1 conversion table

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    Singer 29k1 conversion table

    Hi all!
    I finished the conversion table for the old patcher Singer 29k. The old sewing machine is very good for repair boots, bags and shaped object in leather, it's not easy to sew in straight line due to feeder and small area around needle. The conversion should be an old optional of the machine, I decided to build one with scraps I had.
    Table is MDF 20mm panel,covered with vinyl glue. I prefer solid wood, but I had this already in perfect size.
    I used a couple of milled aluminum cursors from scrap, pretty good for a guide. I tried also an old magnetic seam guide, in my opinion a bit too short, I also noticed not enough magnetic field (probably due to age).

    It's a big ugly to see, but it works!

    Singer 29k1 conversion table-dsc04845_1600x1200.jpg Singer 29k1 conversion table-dsc04846_1600x1200.jpg Singer 29k1 conversion table-dsc04847_1600x1200.jpg

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    Nicely done Stefano. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder and usable perfection in the hands of a craftsman! Love the old Singer!


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