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Thread: Skid Steer Cement Mixer attachment

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    Skid Steer Cement Mixer attachment

    I needed a cement mixer, but I'm fundamentally lazy, so I prefer a mixer that transports to the pour and dumps hydraulicly. I'm foutunate to have an old BobCat Skid Steer and a hydraulic Auger for it. My Auger is an old McMillan that, at one time, came with an optional cement mixer drum (Rota-mixer). I didn't get the mixer with the auger, but the picture (in the McMillan manual) looked pretty simple. Remount the Auger drive horizontally (mounts were lready on the McMillan Auger frame) and mount a mixer drum to the Auger shaft. I picked up a tired old mixer without a motor for $40, and removed the drum from the cradle and frame (you'll see the cradle/frame in a post soon as my "welding positioner").The drum had a stub shaft out the back so the mount was as simple as fabbing a coupling shaft, and boring it to match the Auger stub and the mixer stub. Some creative lathe work later I had the coupling shaft. The coupling shaft is cross drilled and bolted through both the tub and auger shafts (auger shaft already drilled for the auger drive bolt). Next was a rattle can paint job and Voila! a $3,000 Skid Steer Mixer attachment for $40 and the Auger I already had.
    Skid Steer Cement Mixer attachment-auger.jpgSkid Steer Cement Mixer attachment-mix3.jpgSkid Steer Cement Mixer attachment-mix2.jpgSkid Steer Cement Mixer attachment-mix1.jpg


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    Thanks stingraygs! We've added your Skid Steer Cement Mixer Attachment to our Miscellaneous category, as well as to your builder page: stingraygs' Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Hi stingraygs,

    Very creative and useful build! Your Skid Steer Cement Mixer Attachment is the 'Tool of the Week'!

    You'll be receiving one of our official T-shirts:

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    Just let me have your details via PM (size, color choice, and mailing address) and we'll get things processed directly.



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    Love the way you did the cement mixer. I happen to have a old mixer,given to me by a friend. I planned on hooking it up to my skid steer. My idea was more complicated than yours. I'm sure i can use my anger to attach to the drum and make it work. You get a chance, check out the truck crane I made from an old engine hoist. (Under crane category)
    You done good,

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