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Thread: Skid steer under-trailer snow auger - GIF

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    A snow thrower that throws like the ceremonial first pitch!

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    The strangest part is how the skid steer keeps changing color...

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    I have pushed a lot of snow in commercial lots over the years. That thing is cute, but... I cannot really see where that would be very beneficial. ESPECIALLY if there was really any snow. It is way too fragile, the first time someone bumps that into a curb, or runs the auger over a concrete parking block, it will be out of service.

    Hanging off the side of the machine that way also puts a huge strain on the lift arm they it was not designed to handle. If it is only used to move light snow like the video it may be fine, but if it hits something solid out on the end you stand a good chance of damaging the machine as well as the auger.

    That box pusher on the blue tractor can get almost as far under the trailers as the auger can.

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