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Thread: slag chipping hammer(handle)

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    slag chipping hammer(handle)

    I rarely do sick welding, so I'd rarely need this, but I bought a Hobart brush/hammer combo for the brush, and had this left over. Last weekend I decided to toss it out. Then I had an idea....
    I've seen some really cool slag hammers made with plain 1/4" steel rod, and I have some of that.
    It is meant to resemble a cotter pin for no particular reason other than that it forms a comfortable handle and I found a cotter pin on the floor that time. The head is angled toward the handle about 5* to compensate for the uneven weight balance (swings more like an axe than a hammer).
    Before & after paint. It fell onto the dirty floor while the paint was tacky, so the paint is crap.
    slag chipping hammer(handle)-img_1255.jpg slag chipping hammer(handle)-img_1304.jpg

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