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Thread: Small table fan. Re-purposed phone charger and pc fan.

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    Small table fan. Re-purposed phone charger and pc fan.

    Made this little thing from acryl, polycarbonate, pine and alumine. (Materials that i found at home)

    Actually its a 140mm pc cooling fan, pair of leds and a phone charger in a custom stand.

    Made some extra space inside the base for later upgrade. So i can add a speed adjustment to it when i have founded a 12v transformer.

    Its silent and works nicely as a little night light, so i can find my phone at the morning.
    Of course it helps me to sleep better when it blows some fresh air to my face.

    Video is a little long, 16 minutes.
    But i tried to show the whole process.

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    Thanks Tuomas! We've added your Table Fan and Light to our Lighting category,
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