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Thread: Snugs on Magnetic Bases

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    Snugs on Magnetic Bases

    Some time ago I bought one of the cheap magnetic bases for my dial gauge. The base has worked fine, but the snugs have been rubbish from the beginning, firstly the plastic thumb wheels on the tightening nuts broke. Then the threads that provide the clamping of the snugs started wearing out.

    Snugs on Magnetic Bases-magnetic-base-03.jpg

    Essentially the snugs were made from a hard steel with no spring and a poor quality fit on the the chrome bars.

    Then I found some old snugs at a car boot

    Snugs on Magnetic Bases-magnetic-base-02.jpg

    these were imperial rather than metric so some machining needed, I machined the chrome bar down to 3/8 inch

    and I had to machine a new snug and fit a new mild steel 1/4 inch bar

    Snugs on Magnetic Bases-magnetic-base-07.jpg

    Now I have a superb magnetic base for the dial gauge, not quite Starrett, but very rewarding

    Snugs on Magnetic Bases-magnetic-base-08.jpg

    and I've rescued old parts, the original snug looks like it could have been an apprentice piece - wish I had the history of it

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