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Thread: Solder Feed Attachment for Soldering Iron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianhw View Post
    I like your idea of incorporating a small spool, which would be useful for longer soldering sessions, but I don't think you would encounter any problems with the spool unravelling by itself (unless you are an extremely fast solderer!).
    Even if it did tend to unravel, a small piece of spring steel arranged to put a drag on the spool would prevent bird-nestting as one sees on some types of fishing reels.

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    What I think is so super about his idea is the simplicity of the thumb drive. None of the others seem to have that feature and that is why I think it would be capable of being patented.


    I do not want to steal or even borrow anyone's work so I politely decline your offer. But thanks for sharing.
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    Yes Paul patents are all about the application, or design and more over in how they are presented never cheap though. the last one submitted by a company I used to be associated with cost us over 10 K since the principal submitter was over 75 at the time the searches were greatly expedited and at a reduced cost Still patent attys. don't come cheap

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