If you need water resistant electrical connections for boats, trailers, cars, solar, RVs, drip systems, outdoor low voltage lighting, motorcycles, etc. this technique produces a water resistant connection with commonly available materials. The 3 S's, Solder, Silicone, Shrinkwrap!

- Soldering iron, Solder, Solder sponge
- Silicone glue
- Shrinkwrap

- Soldering can be dangerous. If you do not know soldering safety, learn it or don't solder.
- Never solder live circuits of any type.
- Soldering house wiring, power wiring, etc. is outside the scope of this video. That should be left to professionals only.
- Electricity can cause damage, fires, burns and death. If you don't know about electricity, learn before doing.
- These are demonstrated for hobby work, low voltage - low amperage applications. NOT for mains voltages or currents or similar.
- Never use lead type solders where it will come in contact with food or drink or where it will come in regular contact with people.
- Lead is toxic. Take care to ensure that the byproducts / waste are contained and disposed of properly. Never hold solder in your mouth. Have proper ventilation.
- This is for hobby soldering only. Industrial users have more stringent requirements for industrial or large scale soldering operations.
- This is not all inclusive. If you don't know, get training before continuing.