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Thread: A Solution Looking for a Problem

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    A Solution Looking for a Problem

    I was playing with ball bearings and small cylindrical magnets. The balls were 3/8" in diameter and made of CRS. The magnets were 1/4" in diameter and 1/8" long. When I let the magnet go while in contact with the bearing, it would nicely center itself.

    Then I lined up a series of bearings that were touching. I took a piece of scrap MDF and drilled snug holes for the magnets with a spacing of 3/4". I was able to slide the MDF over the bearings (magnet side down) and it would jump into alignment just like snapping to grid in a CAD program.

    Fun idea but, at the moment, I don't have a good use for it.



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    Search for Gaussian (or Gauss) Rifle on the internet to give you an idea ... build multiple stages of magnets and ball bearings to accelerate one ball bearing across the room

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