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Thread: Solving a problem, a very niche problem, but a problem nonetheless

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    Solving a problem, a very niche problem, but a problem nonetheless


    So if any of you have poked around my channel, you may have seen that I'm currently working on a Co2 resonator project.

    Well, up until this point, I've been mixing all my gases for this project in a balloon, like a damn Neanderthal.
    Now, I could always just buy some premixed gas, but that would come with none of the headaches that come with coming up with a DIY solution that I love so much. Also, for "laser gas" they make you "rent" an aluminum cylinder, which would cost me 20 bucks a month just to sit in my garage.
    So, I made an Arduino-controlled setup to precisely mix the necessary gases into a pre-programmed ratio, and compress it into a tank.

    Thanks for watchin!

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