Good Idea Rick , but please allow me to suggest to put the bag to be emptied of air between 2 water bags , that way the air on the bottom crevices
will be emptied as well

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Sous Vide is a cooking method involving the placing of food in a sealed plastic bag with most if not all of the air removed. It is then immersed in water held at a constant temperature. When done, the food is removed from the bag and "finished" using a torch or on the grill.

The Sous Vide water heater I bought cost me $75 and was well worth it. The killer is the vacuum sealer. It is easy to drop over $100 on such a machine. The lower cost sealers can use bags that cost as much as $1 each. A far more economical path is to use Ziploc Freezer bags. The challenge is to remove most of the air.

This article presents the two most common methods of removing most of the air from the bag and then offers a third way that addresses problems I have had with these methods.

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