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Thread: spill free can

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    Thumbs up spill free can

    Here are a few pictures of a spill free container
    that I build for my shop . I forgot to take a picture before
    soldering everything but there is a rare earth
    magnet in the container. It stay on my lathe tail stock with cutting
    fluid in it Enjoy

    I like this size container
    spill free can-1.jpg
    once empty and clean you must sand the edge before soldering
    spill free can-3.jpg
    I used .062 solder make the job easier
    spill free can-4.jpg
    I then hold everything rite with a C clamp and solder the joint
    spill free can-5.jpg
    then I find a small brass tubing to fit my brush
    spill free can-6.jpg
    I use a damping punch to make a nice flare
    stop my brush from shredding
    spill free can-7.jpg
    spill free can-8.jpg
    then I make a hole as close fit as possible
    spill free can-9.jpg
    spill free can-11.jpg
    I then mark how long I need to cut the pipe, it's push all the way to the bottom.
    spill free can-capture3.jpg
    on the other end I make a small V with a file
    spill free can-10.jpg
    then I solder my pipe as straight as possible and fill it to about half
    spill free can-can-up.jpg
    spill free can-12.jpg
    and Voila you can flip this upside down if you wish and nothing will come out
    spill free can-14.jpg


    this thread is completed but can't change it HELP

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    Thanks CHP! We've added your Spill Free Can to our Lathe Accessories category, as well as to your builder page: CHP's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    That's great! I hate using those kinds of cans because they get gunked up so fast.

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    Muy ingenioso CHP, gracias por tu aporte tratare de imitar uno y luego comento.

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