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Thread: Steam aircraft - photos and video

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    Steam aircraft - photos and video

    Meet the Besler Steam Aircraft - the only steam-powered aircraft in history to successfully take flight. Built by the Besler brothers, the plane was powered by a two-cylinder, 150 hp, V-twin steam engine weighing 180 lbs.

    3:07 video:


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    Can you imagine how that bi-plane would have preformed in a dog fight? Too bad it came along 15 years too late to go up against the Red Barron.
    It would have been interesting to reverse the prop mid flight and make the other plane fly past you

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    That is a Great find Altair!! Brilliant to build a steam engine of that power to weight ratio put in a conventional aircraft and fly it. Wow, had no idea about this feat of engineering. Personally I'd love to see some brilliant model engineer build a scale model of this. The big thing to me is that boiler design using fuel oil and it's efficiency for that day and age. Back in the late 60's early 70' I was in a wrecking yard with a friend getting some parts and realized there was a mountain of old blocks and remember saying to him...ya think we could salvage these and make a steam powered V8 from them. Kicked the idea around and read about others trying it but nothing ever came of it at any scale. Still think its possible...just hated seeing all those blocks turn to rust, mainly.

    Thanks Altair...loved it!


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