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Thread: Stump grinder - GIF

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    I rented a nice one last year to take out some big stumps in my back was smaller than that, but had a cutter head about that size. it was drivable with rubber tracks so you could go almost anywhere with it. what a blast it was driving and using it, **** flying everywhere faster than the speed of smell!! my stumps ranged from about 1 foot to about 5 foot dia. the local companies wanted about $800 to do them cost me $125. to have the machine half a day. witch was plenty of time I even drove over to my brothers house to take out a older stump in his yard.( older is harder to do with hard wood as all of these were) then drove it back on the trailer and back to the rental place after topping the fuel off. so any body out there that needs stuping done just go rent the machine with the tracks that drives and have a blast!!!! and save big time$$$ that one above is useless unless you can get your truck to the stump....then it shakes the **** out of your truck...what a horriffic early death of a truck

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