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Thread: Tandem crane collapse while lifting bridge section on barge - videos

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    Tandem crane collapse while lifting bridge section on barge - videos

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    As it appears neither crane was secured to the barge floor. Once there was a sudden shift in the load this caused the crane to slide on its pads or the pads slid on the barge either way the outcome was unavoidable at that point. Reversing the rotation of the crane to try and return the pick back to its support frame would have caused the outrigger to slide even more. the crane would have still fell off the barge a semi rapid lowering of the pick to make contact with the barge was the only possible way to hopefully halt the crane toppling but that would have been risky as well as the pick could have crashed into the boom again causing the fail. The only way this could have been prevented was to have anchored the cranes securely to the bitts on the barges then make the pick in super slow motion mode keeping it as close to the barge floor as possible while keeping the booms retracted as short as possible. Also note they had pumps sitting on the barge floor to transfer ballast it is possible these pumps were unable to keep up with the shifting of the load due to their trying to speed the pick. There is a lot of truth to the saying slow is fast, but fast is slow and often expensive.
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    Should have had stabilizer legs on the barges.

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