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Thread: Tank track puller - GIF

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    That's much quicker...

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    Connecting up to the tanks power system would be even faster,no point changing track when power system down or sitting in the sun ducking bullets for that long

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    Next step. air over hydraulic pump...

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    Having actually done this a time or two.. Nope.
    Not quite ready for prime time yet. Storage space on an Abrams is at a premium, especially on a deployment, among other things. The chief disadvantages to the current set up are
    1. the 'track jacks' have to either be wrenched manually (as shown) using wrenches or rather large impact gun that is part of the equipment (this has it's own disadvantage - although it is faster - of being quite loud - not something you want to use if you need to make a battlefield repair with the bad guys out and about).
    2. the 'jacks' have to be tightened together - you can't just tighten one, then the other - it can cause the track ends to end up misaligned. Good luck getting the end connectors on then!
    The disadvantages to this idea are 1. that those hoses and couplings (easily damaged slamming around the battlefield or A.O.) will take up valuable space, 2. I don't trust two pistons to contract or expand at the same rate under uneven pressure (say you're on an angle on a hill - see uneven jacking above), and 3. 'Joe' has an unbelievable ability to mess up complicated tools - period.

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