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Thread: Tee slot magnetic swarf wand.

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    Tee slot magnetic swarf wand.

    Hi All

    I have been so impressed with the magnetic swarf wand my son bought me for Christmas I decided to make one to fit the tee slots on my mill.
    I often have more than one item clamped to the table so clearing the swarf can be difficult. This swarf wand fits the tee slot and removes the swarf well.

    I have included some photos to show the components of the build.

    The main tube is 15mm copper and the two end caps are turned and soft soldered in place. The slide shaft is stainless steel and the stop is silver solder in position. The ball handle was a salvage item from something I scrapped. Magnets are spares I had left over from another project.

    The red plastic piece acts as a wiper to enable the swarf to drop off as the magnets pass this point and is Loctite in position.

    This is a very quick item to make if you have all the materials to hand. Taking only 45 minutes from start to finish.

    Components ready for assembly
    Tee slot magnetic swarf wand.-img_0880.jpg
    Magnets and metal spacers
    Tee slot magnetic swarf wand.-img_0882.jpg
    Magnet assembly screwed to slide bar
    Tee slot magnetic swarf wand.-img_0883.jpg
    Test on some swarf
    Tee slot magnetic swarf wand.-img_0884.jpg
    Fits tee slot
    Tee slot magnetic swarf wand.-img_0886.jpg

    Thank you for viewing
    The Home Engineer

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    WOW is that a magic wand? looks real good for magically removing swarf.

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