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Thread: Top slide alternative

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    Quote Originally Posted by hemmjo View Post
    Every time you post a picture of your T-Slot cross slide, I remember how envious I am. If you ever go into your shop and it is gone....

    Just kidding,

    As Charlton Heston once said "From my cold dead hand".
    Seriously though it is a standard Myford Super 7 long slide if you come across one but it does need a custom made gib strip to make it work.
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    That modification is being discovered by many machinists and is known as "Solid Tool Post", replacing the original top slide. The top slide is in fact the weakest link in all lathes, particularly small hobby instruments. The ideal conversion, is one that allows easy interchange between both units, when the top slide is needed for threading purposes or taper cutting operations. Improves finish as stated, and eliminates chatter. I have one such unit in my 14/19 x 40" industrial grade lathe which is used to great advantage for all operations.
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