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Thread: Transverse drilling attachment V2

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    Transverse drilling attachment V2

    I already showed my side drilling system on the lathe :
    Homemade Transverse Drilling Attachment

    This first version has the drawback of having a too big chuck and too long attachment sleeve behind it so that it really works only with short bits.
    I recently found a new kind of smaller chuck and imagined a way to attach it at the end of a shaft with the bare minimum additional pieces.

    Here is how I did it :

    The mandrel is a small three jaws mandrel to be used on a power screw driver. It is quite precisely made.
    It has an Hex shaft. Here is how I imagined attaching it at the end of my 12 mm shaft. I simply drilled a side hole in the 12 mm shaft like if I wanted to use a set screw.

    But instead of using a set screw, I just filled the hole (two sides) by welding a little spot.
    In order to avoid any projections, I wrapped the chuck and shaft with a piece of aluminum sheet.

    I then cleaned up the welded joint on the lathe to get a smooth surface on the shaft.

    Here this is the little fixture I use on the metal lathe QCTP. You can see that the chuck can be pulled back
    much more than on the previous version.

    And here on the wood lathe :

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    Thanks Christophe Mineau! We've added your Transverse Drilling Attachment to our Drilling and Drill Presses category,
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    Nice Christophe. Now with your indexer you are set to go! Thanks, ~PJ
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    Great idea about the wielding the part through the two small holes. Nice to see your cross drilling and indexer projects.

    Thanks, Paul

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