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Thread: tub bender [ square]

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    tub bender [ square]

    c-bag This is holt50 back at you I was wondering if you might have a picture of yours and some measurements, I have made one but its out of a 2 inch i-beam and it wants to break ,the weld that is the i beam is attached to a 6 inch piece of channel iron making a T with channel iron on top and bottom of i-beam and slides but where the ibeam meets the channel fotming the T its hard to keep do you have your's ? thanks for the help holt50.

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    Hi holt50. Mine is the standard tube roller from Harbor freight with the square tube dies that I machined larger for 1.5" square tube.

    I'm not sure about your description but to me using I beam for the frame of the roller seems like total overkill and would take a big old arc welder for me to feel like I've penetrated enough to make a weld stick. If you look close at the HFT roller the heaviest plate is on the top where the adjuster is. The shafts are all 1" and the frame is mostly maybe 3/16" and because it's a box shape it's plenty strong for the stuff I've done with it. Maybe you could post a pic of what you've made?

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