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Thread: Two-man shovel - GIF

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    Two-man shovel - GIF

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    Not knowing for sure what the situation is, I find myself making assumptions and asking myself questions, trying to guess what rest of the story is. They appear to be inside a large building. Shoveling coal or something off of a truck. There is not enough material on the floor for the truck to have been full. Perhaps there is a loader or some kind of machine, clearing the floor as the workers off load the material onto the ground. The hat and scarf/face covering make me wonder if the one on the truck is a woman. How long have they been working to get that far? Do they do that all day as trucks arrive? .... the list goes on

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    Obviously, the truck is not a dump truck. I wonder how much they save over renting a dump truck? It will take a while to empty that bed.


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