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Thread: V block clamping pads

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    V block clamping pads

    I made these aluminum V blocks to help aid in clamping round parts such as pipe to my welding table. They feature a 120 degree angle, recessed areas on back for quick center alignment with most F and C style clamps. These easily lock down those hard to clamp pieces!

    They can also be used as 1 inch or 2 inch spacer blocks.

    V block clamping pads-v1.jpgV block clamping pads-v2.jpgV block clamping pads-v3.jpgV block clamping pads-v4.jpgV block clamping pads-v5.jpgV block clamping pads-v6.jpgV block clamping pads-v7.jpgV block clamping pads-v8.jpg

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