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Thread: Vintage Hickok tube tester - photo

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    Vintage Hickok tube tester - photo

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    That brings back some memories! I could even smell the inside of that case when I saw it. The one I used also had a long cord with a bunch of adapters for testing CRTs/picture tubes. And in my freshman Intro to Electrical Engineering class, I was the only one who knew about mhos, thanks to a suitcase full of meters and switches and sockets and lamps.

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    I'm lucky enough to own the 'B' version, and can tell you that the very distinctive smell is still there... While I do have the operating instruction, several tube setup (European and obsolete) as well as service manuals, my 539B is missing some of the accessory cables, socket adapters and such. Even so, it is still a very versatile (and highly useful) piece of test gear. Hard to beat for working on older tube equipment...not to mention a piece of history.

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    This is how we used to do it. Any time we knew we were going to make a rare trip to FT. Worth. We would grab our bag of suspect tubes and visit a 7/11 store. There was one on the corner of Azle Ave. and Jacksboro Hwy. that had one of these
    Vintage Hickok tube tester - photo-69934f225067b88a121300f199d5627c.jpg

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