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Thread: Vintage WWII photos colorized

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    Vintage WWII photos colorized

    Because of my and apparently many others interest in all of Jon's post of vintage machines, work crews and the like I am posting these incredible well done colorization's a friend with mutual interests sent me the other day. It also goes with my enjoyment of quality restoration work to preserve the flavor of the times and some of the discussions of late about details of pics and what might be done with them.

    This group of people specialize in colorization, from seasoned pro's to relative newbies in a painstaking process graphically. I'm not normally a fan of colorization because I like well done B/W, sepia and tin-types for what they are a snapshot of history with the technology of the times, but these were stunning in so many ways to me. Like most of the vintage tool talk post's, it's about the story to me.

    Here are a couple of links to the original post online,a couple of the artist who generated them and a quick Google image search.

    Colourise History |

    Here are some of my favorites with Captions:

    Vintage WWII photos colorized-wwii-colorized-21-.jpg

    Girls working on shell caps in a munitions factory, somewhere in England . 25th of May 1940. (Source - Gettys Images - Photographer, Paul Popper. Colorized by John Gulizia from America )

    Vintage WWII photos colorized-wwii-colorized-25-.jpg

    Veronica Foster, (b.1922 - d.2000) popularly known as "Ronnie, the Bren Gun Girl", was a Canadian icon representing nearly one million Canadian women who worked in the manufacturing plants that produced munitions and materiel during World War II. Colorized by Paul Reynolds. Historic Military Photo Colourisations)

    Vintage WWII photos colorized-wwii-colorized-23-.jpg

    A Finnish Brewster Buffalo 239 fighter (BW-352) of (Squadron) Lentolaivue/24 at Selänpää airfield. 24th June 1941. (Source - SA-Kuva. Colorized by Tommi Rossi from Finland )

    Vintage WWII photos colorized-wwii-colorized-46-.jpg

    The crew of an up-ended (M4A1) Sherman tank of the 7th Armoured Brigade enjoy a ‘brew’ beside their vehicle while waiting for a recovery team, on the 'Gothic Line' in Italy , 13th of September 1944. Their tank overturned after slipping off a narrow road in the dark. (Source - IWM NA 18551 - Dawson (Sgt), No 2 Army Film & Photographic Unit. Colourised by Royston Leonard UK)

    I know the few I have done for personal reasons are painstakingly detailed to produce. I did one of Dad in a B-25 looking out the cockpit and went to the trouble of finding and recreating the colors of the squadron symbols perfectly. These guys/gals did lots of the same things and when it comes to the overall colorization of the entire photo like the upside down Sherman and some of the others. It's worthy of my respect and theirs for bringing forward the flavors and stories they represent.


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