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Thread: Vise stand for Colombian post vise

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    Vise stand for Colombian post vise

    I wanted to put a vise on a movable base, but I also wanted to make the stand heavy enough to stay put when I cranked on some work.

    I started with a solid steel axle I received from a friend. I cut it smooth and mounted it in a brake disk so that the bottom of the axle would touch the floor. I intend to use the axle as a part time anvil if needed while working on hot metal at the vise.

    Then I mounted that whole axle brake disk onto a tractor counter weight i got from my dad. Rather than welding the weight to the shaft, I bolted it through a couple of the holes in the disk. That way I can remove it if I want to change the configuration.

    I bolted the vise to the shaft with a u-bolt and a bracket of materials I found around the garage.

    I welded an extra rod to the disk but not to the vise. I want to leave the vise a more free to be adjusted if I want it higher or lower. I do not know fore sure just how I will use the vise in all circumstances, so I want to be able to raise or lower it as needed.
    Vise stand for Colombian post vise-img_6709.jpgVise stand for Colombian post vise-img_6710.jpgVise stand for Colombian post vise-vise.jpg

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