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Thread: Welding Table light from recycled materials

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    Welding Table light from recycled materials

    Hi folks

    I've been harbouring a couple of high power LED lights I got from the scrap bin at work awhile ago (I was tipped off that they were working by the lead engineer) and with the nights now getting warmer, I thought I'd see if I could make a light stand for my welding table out of some of the other salvaged materials I've managed to accrue over time.

    Here is what I ended up using:

    1" x 4.3/4" x 3/16" box section

    3/4" x 3' x 1/8" box section

    Table clamp (not sure what it came from)

    2' of DIN rail

    M4 threaded stand off.

    After running the grinder with a wire wheel over the clamp to remove the nickle coating around the weld points, I then did same to the 1" box section and put two heavy tacks top and bottom on both sides to join the two together:

    I then took the 3/4" (which is a great fit for the 1") and DIN rail and after cleaning both of those up I tack welded the rail to one end. I could have done with thinner electrodes at this point as I got a bit of burn through but hey ho.

    I then had a dig around in my small fixings bucket and opted for an M4 female/male threaded hex standoff which I figured would make a good lock nut for the hight adjustment (I may yet make a bespoke thumbscrew, good excuse as any to have a go at knurling) and then threaded and tapped a hole I the 1".

    Once all the parts were assembled, I fitted the lights to the DIN rail and wired them together using a wiring block, though in order to fit the connectors inside the 3/4" box section, I had to separate each one and trim off most of the excess, I also made the earth leads longer so it's connector could be inserted after the live and neutral connectors were already inside the tube:

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