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Thread: What is an action truing jig used for ?

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    What is an action truing jig used for ?


    What are these things used for ? They popped up in one of my google searches.

    My action truing jig. - Long Range Hunting Online Magazine

    Do they make them to get super accurate centering because the chuck is out of true ?

    Got the impression its something to do with making guns/rifles which I don't know anything about.

    I don't "get it"


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    The action truing jig is primarily used in a 4 jaw chuck because you can get it set for true center or off center if need be. the jig will have set screws near both ends that way the center line of the action / chamber of the barrel can be set on true center regardless to the outside shape by being able to hold it however many inches apart the set screws are
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    Correct. Few commercial actions are cylindrical, so a jig secures an unwieldy contour, that 2, 3, 4, or 6 jaw chucks can accommodate.
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